Кавказская овчарка Russian Mastiff Bear Caucasian Ovcharka

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Russian's high drive protection dog. Also known as Caucasian Ovtcharka, Kavkazskaya Ovcharka is one of the best protection dogs you could own. When you own a Caucasian, you have a part of wild, untouched nature. The Ovtcharka is the most popular dog Breed in Russia. The breed takes its name both from the region of origin, in the Caucasus Mountains, and from the original purpose of the dogs. Ovtcharka, a Russian word, translates to Shepherd or Sheepdog. But only the dog of the Russian type, described in the breed standard and adopted by the Russian National Breed Club, is considered the purebred Kavkazskaya Ovcharka of Russia -- the motherland of the great majority of Caucasians all over the world. Russian breed fanciers have worked with this type for many generations. FCI recognized Russia as the leading authority of the Kavkazskaya Ovcharka (#328), acknowledging it as a Russian native breed. Registries: ARBA, FCI, NKC, CKC, UKC The main Russian bloodlines can be traced to Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Tambov, Orenburg, Magnitogorsk, Cheljabinsk, Novosibirsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Ivanovo, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, and Saint Petersburg, even though there are many different Caucasian strains still found in the Caucasus mountains. www.rassokhin.com vbocaucasian.com
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