Кавказская овчарка Kody the Caucasian Ovtcharka

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This is the long awaited video of our latest challenge Kody - AKA "Koko Marie". Kody came to us from a family in California. She is a year old and weighs 109 pounds. Ovtcharkas are bred for a 24/7 life in the field - guarding the flocks of there homeland in the Caucasus Mountain region of Russia. They are very strong minded, independant thinking dogs that are strong enough to fight off a Russian Bear. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BREED TO JUST ANYONE!!!!! Do heavy research into the breed before considering one. They are a very challenging breed to work with as dogs bred for these purposes do not fall into any of the most common preconcieved notions of what a pet dog is like - meaning - they aren't yet very far into their evolution AS a pet to begin with and very likely may not behave as though they are. They are however very devoted, great with children when raised properly, will bond strongly, can be anywhere from cautious to aggressively protective, and can be very dog aggresssive. They do have a beautiful and unique appearance and it is well worth your time, if you're a dog lover, to meet one at least once in this life. I will stress again that this is not a breed for just everyone - including maybe even me - But they are, especially if you like the idea of rising to meet a few real challenges, easy to fall in love with.
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